Creative Class of SEPTEMBER '19

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Creative Class of SEPTEMBER '19

  • Local time (Ho Chi Minh city, UTC/GMT +7 hours).

  • Recommend to : the one that know drawing, love artcraft and want to transform ideas into wooden art pieces.

  • Price applies for 1 guest.

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Creative Wood Carving Workshop with step-by-step instruction is truly designed for everyone. Those seeking new artcraft experience to know more about Vietnamese culture and tradition, or those seeking a new kind of activity to spend with your family and friends should try our Creative Wood Carving Workshop.

Designed carefully for everyone, our workshop is good to go for beginners, even though for the one who has no experience with art. The only thing you should have is confidence.

There are 3 main parts in Creative Wood Carving Workshop:

1. History of Vietnamese Sculpture:

A short brief of our Sculpture Tradition and Culture is introduced.


2. Practice:

Move to the most interesting part, the professional Sculptor guides you basic Traditional Vietnamese wood carving techniques. He instructs step by step directly to make sure that everyone can take control of carving tools correctly.

3. Creative Time:

After practicing, let’s choose the form of wood you love. This will be your wooden art-piece’s material.

Hexagon form, suitable for wall hanging or desk setting decoration

Hexagon form, suitable for wall hanging or desk setting decoration

We’d love to give you some advice to transform your idea into woody version effectively if you need. Take your time to sketch and draw them on wood plate surface. When drawing is done, you are ready to carve your very first wooden piece. This is also the best part that our valuable guests named it as “Art Meditation”. Tay Tay will leave you a space to create that artworks. Call us for an immediate support when you need.


When carving is finished, coloring is an option. We have various of tones for you to choose.



1 ticket per people
1 draft
1 real wood plate

Though Creative Wood Carving Class is designed for everyone, it is specially suitable for:

  • The one who love craft work and challenge. They can spend 4 - 6 hours to do wood carving.

  • The one who know sketching or drawing. They wish to transform their ideas into wooden version.

None of them sounds like you? No worries, switch to plan B with our Lotus Wood Carving Class:

  • Takes 3 hours only.

  • Step-by-step instruction from drawing to carving

  • Less tears and more joy with Lotus - Vietnamese National Flower.


Schedule of All Wood Carving Classes at Tay Tay Workshop

  • Creative Class may take longer, up to your artworks’ details.

  • To book Private Class for family, friends, please contact us.

*updated on 13th Aug ‘19


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